What happens if your employee is working on a customer’s vehicle while it's on a hoist and the vehicle catches fire in your garage?  But if you think the total loss of your customer's vehicle is bad,  what happens when an employee leaves a car in neutral and it rolls out of the garage into the parking lot and into incoming traffic?

Oregon Mutual

Every time someone trusts your garage to repair their vehicle, you could be held liable for damages and injuries. 

Regardless of warning signs or even a customer's negligence, if someone is injured at your garage or from repairs done at your garage, that person will likely sue you.  Are you confident that your current insurance is adequate to cover the risks your  garage faces every day?

And what about severe weather or vandalism?  Can your auto repair business afford to replace  damaged equipment, buildings or signage? Would your current policy leave you on the hook for too much of the costs?